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HR Search was founded in 2004 in Israel as a response to the hotel business growing needs for quality executive search services.

Starting 2015, the company has launched its operation in Italy offering its services to hotels and Italian candidates.
In 2019 the company has launched its French operation for French business & candidates.


HR Search is not a personnel agency (ie it does not employ people to work for its customers) but specializes in managing the recruitment process of search and selection of staff to be hired directly by its clients.


Many of our clients (applicants & employers) have told us that the reason they initially contacted us was the discreet manner in which we operate.

To illustrate our uncompromised approach to discreet conduct and professional ethics, we decided to publish several rules and regulations to which we are obliged:

  • The fact we are in contact with a candidate is discreet and is never revealed unless the candidate requested that we submit him as a candidate for a specific position.

  • Discretion of salary details: As part of our working routine, we promise our candidate not to reveal his salary expectations to the potential employer. We also promise the employer not to reveal the proposed salary. At no point, not before placement, not during negotiations or afterwards, will we give this information to the other party, nor shall we imply or give guidance. During negotiations we may assist both parties with professional counseling in all fields apart from salary.



We will address salary issues only on one occasion - if negotiations have reached a dead end and both the employer and the candidate have expressed their wishes for our involvement.




We do not practice headhunting (an approach initiated by us) for employees who are employed by an active client (Active Client: a client who we have made a recruitment for during the last year). We provide services to employees who contacted us on their own initiative. We see no contradiction between loyalty to our clients and providing a service to these candidates under these circumstances.




A candidate who was recruited through HR Search, will not be able to go through another recruitment through us unless at least one of the following conditions apply:

1. Two years passed since he started working for our client.

2. Employee-Employer relations has terminated.

3. The employer gave his approval.​

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